The human resources


The human resources


Company existing staff 36, bachelor degree or above management personnel 8, big 12 people, technical secondary school degree or above, accounted for more than 35.7%. Company rules and regulations sound and effective internal control measures, reasonable configuration, strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the party and the state, in accordance with the business.

Value system

Company introduction of modern management mode, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO22000:2005 food safety management system and ISO14000:2004 environmental management system certification and HALAL HALAL certification.

In 2014, the company's total assets of 2014 yuan, fixed assets, 2894.98 year communist products 560 tons, the product output value of 90.35 million yuan, sales income is 89.9914 million yuan, net profit of 9.312 million yuan, tax revenues of 268600 yuan. In 2015, the company's total assets of 2015 yuan, fixed assets, 2894.98 year communist products 590 tons, the product output value of 93.9 million yuan, sales income is 79.8274 million yuan, net profit of 9.5046 million yuan, tax revenues of 251100 yuan.

In order to the company to rapid development, in October 2015, the company set up the ministry of electricity; Began in December 2015 the construction of china-arab joint laboratory halal meat products processing, set up expert group, especially for this including China meat research center xiao-ling qiao huan-lu song, Beijing industry and commerce, vice President of the university professor, associate professor of ningxia university, the dean professor Eva chang, gui-shan liu; In late March 2016, the company opened a halal food marketing headquarters building exhibition center, goods and personnel are in place; In May 2016, the company in order to improve the internal research and development team, new hire a master's degree in personnel 2, 7 bachelor degree talent.

The company dynamic

The products of the company to obtain the first China (ningxia) international Muslim halal food products exposition gold medal, supported by district municipal leaders at all levels and departments and attention, get the consumer's universal praise and recognition, is a well-known brand in ningxia. The products of the company slogan is "the vernacular, the tastes, nostalgia," product concept is "green, safe, healthy", in the process of product development will not add any chemical preservatives, keep natural color, provide consumers with the characteristics of the green, safe and healthy products. Break through existing products on company's long-term planning in product development pattern, reflect regional characteristics, make our products more competitive, now has two goals products in development planning, to the market, will become another of the company's profit growth point, also will become another feature of ningxia product.

As the sales revenue growth in recent years, the sales area rapidly expanding demand. Company was founded in March 2015 "the ningxia Iraq flavor halal food sales co., LTD.", the company legal representative human Bai Yuting lady. Sales elite, the company has more than 50 marketing organization structure is complete, reasonable configuration, make the products of our company from the domestic market sales network to radiation surrounding provinces and cities, sales continue to increase. Enterprises from the internal production and management to foreign sales and promotion are all a hotchpotch of vientiane update, and autonomous region strongly support of each department in charge of the company development prospect. As of the end of February, 2015, our company sales income is 16.73 million yuan, profit of 1.98 million yuan, pay various taxes and fees of 21000 yuan, the total assets of 109 million yuan, the asset-liability ratio is 38.7%.

In late November, 2015, our company is research and development of new products, is expected to total development of preserve one's health, green, vegetarian, barbecue a total of four series of more than 10 varieties, at present, the products taste is in debugging, high-end series of products have a preliminary shape.